HeArt Studio

Giving Art A Voice
HeArt Studio is a new podcast starting soon! The station will get to the message and meaning of art. This station gets to the message and meaning of art. It focuses on the “Why” and “How” of the Artist and their pieces. HeArt Studio also is a space that offers Free downloadable discussions that give a road map needed to live an intuitive life. The focus here is to center you on trusting your gut. It’s also to encourage and reveal that the process and the grit has so much more value than you may think in discovering what lights your fire!
7 Customs… Meet Your Muse!
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Do you look outside yourself for inspiration? Did you know the true inspiration patiently waits for you on the inside? These 7 Customs are what I now evaluate in myself daily! I have found this to reveal a life that is transparent, authentic, and above all aware of what makes my soul burn! And yes, it can do the same for you!

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