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M.A.D. Studio Public Art

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M.A.D. Studio is a place that started on $600 in a dive bomb economy while local art studios were closing down due to high franchise fees and strict restrictions. After one year I was making over $30,000 annually working 9 hours a week!

M.A.D. is sold in a BOX and can be found operating using the name M.A.D. or under an individuals name or NEW choice of business name. M.A.D. is the foundation to helping many artists and those who love making art have used to start building a growing income! M.A.D. can be held out of any well structured safe environment. Creativity and resourcefulness makes M.A.D. Art Studio successful!

With many press write ups and years in business I have found a nice second income in art and want to extend it to you! We have many proud owners in many cities, and states, and internationally!
Learn more about M.A.D. Studio "Make a Difference", you'll be glad you did!

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