Hi, thank you for taking the time to scroll through my site. I believe our life is a continuous masterpiece in motion and it is of our free will to decide how we choose to let our actions and experiences shape and color it. Loving others, allowing ourselves to be loved, dreaming, and taking risks to reach those dreams is what my life is saturated in.

I'm a wife and mother since 1995 and there is not an adequate word to describe how grateful I am for this, it leaves me speechless. We live on 20 acres at Rapheka Ranch in Southern California. I love my kitty, our horses, travel, fitness, writing, and contemplating the next idea that could drive home a message not only for others but for my self to grow from.

I incorporate mannequins, alcohol (spirits), fire, misfit techniques and pieces in my works because I feel the most connected to what's been the most misunderstood. My writings carry glimpses of places, scenes, and experiences I've gone through and traveled through. Some being Central America, Europe, the Netherlands, United States, Israel, and the Hawaiian Islands.

My studies have included and currently include Creative Writing, Psychology, Interior Design, Mixology, Gemologist, and Bachelors in Theology. 

I continue to create and identify with soul-searching projects as I spend my life surrounded by those I love. My aim with my work is to try and connect others to the strength they have within. I'm inspired by stories. I'm inspired by you. Please email me your story if you want to talk, or for any custom pieces and or event. Cheers!

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